Dominion: Nocturne

Hi everybody!

I want to apologize for my super long absence. I ended up taking a break from Dominion. Lots of things came up in my life. I had a lot of projects going on and work. It was always my intention to keep this blog going, but hey, at least I'm back now. So, let's discuss the upcoming expansion Dominion: Nocturne.

Overall, we don't know much about it yet. It's 500 cards with 33 Kingdom cards and Heirlooms replace starting coppers much like Shelters replaced Estates. So, in many ways, it seems this is Dark Ages spiritual successor just as Adventures and Empires were sort of sequels to Sea Side and Prosperity.

So, apparently, there are cards that you play after your buy phase called Night cards. I'm guessing it's because after your buy phase it's night time. Your guess is as good as mine, but that's what I think. We are also getting Fate and Doom cards, and they give out Boons and Hexes. That sounds exciting. I think we are getting an attack-hea…

Random Dominion​ Musings

Well, here it is. My first official Dominion Blog. I hope you guys like it. In the future, I plan on adding some strategy discussion and also some lists. Lists​ are fun. I really liked jsh's idea for categorizing junking attacks. Qvists lists are fun, but something can be said for trying to figure out what trasher to buy or what village. Some list ideas I have are for best villages, best trashers and best alt VP. If you guys like those lists, I will create more.

Anyway today's post is more or less to say hi to everyone, and just write some random stream of thoughts pertaining to Dominion. Also, I promise future entries will be better. I'm typing this one from my phone. It's never a good idea to write an entire blog from one's phone.

I'm pretty excited about Dominion at the moment. Dark Ages shaked the game up a lot. And, Empires seems to be doing the same. Adventures also shaked up the game, but mostly by providing a lot of OP cards (Lost Arts, Peasant, Page, …